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Circus Skills Workshops

Circus workshops for schools

Magical Circus offers circus skills workshops for primary schools, Scouts, Guides, children's Birthday parties, community weekly circus workshops and any other private or corporate events.

We can provide:

In primary and secondary schools our workshops can be arranged to start with a 30 minute school assembly performance by Melanie and Angelo, which includes a range of 17 different circus skills from juggling to stilt walking to tight-wire walking with lots of fun and laughter throughout.

This performance enables all the children to see a variety of circus skills that are available and inspires them to try and learn.

Absolutely awesome day!

Melanie and Angelo provided our children with an absolutely awesome day!

Our Year 2 children were engaged throughout the whole day - being effectively taught and then getting to practise, with support, a range of circus skills.

Smiles were on our faces the whole day day, including at the end when they organised a chance for parents to see what the children had achieved! We would definitely recommend- why visit the circus when you can be part of it!

Bev Ellett - Assistant Headteacher at St Paul's (Astley Bridge) Church of England Primary School Newnham Street, Bolton.

Circus workshop day with Melanie and Angelo.
Date published: 05/12/2015
5 / 5 stars

Our circus workshops for young children provide skills suitable for their age and ability thus developing their:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • grasping
  • throwing and catching skills
  • balancing
  • and concentration

Skills involved include juggling scarves and simple ball juggling tricks, balancing plates, feathers and sticks, juggling ring tricks, monster feet and small hand-held stilts.

Young children have fun trying out new skills, learning without realizing and building their confidence in the process.

Our circus workshops for primary school children in KS1 and KS2 can be linked to the circus topic in the curriculum or provided as a reward, treat or experience.

Writing about the circus, drawing and arts, concepts like patterns, motor coordination and social development concepts like 'practising makes perfect' are transferred and encouraged at all times in our circus sessions.

We understand how important it is to support every child when learning a new skill, so we make sure everyone gets included irrelevant of their age or ability and we aim to spent time teaching, correcting and guiding each child on a one to one basis during this process. So we move about a lot!

We love seeing children, young people and adults' faces light up when they achieve a trick that seemed impossible to them before.

Sesssions are organised throughout the school day, days or week according to the number of children or classes involved and can be concluded with Assembly Demonstrations by the children to which parents can be invited or for the full week with a Special Mini Circus Show by Kuki & Krums the clowns for a fun treat.

Older children and young adults can often grasp the basic circus skills faster, therefore we provide them with a greater variety of skills and tricks within each session.

Our normal 1 hour sessions provides 4 different circus skills:

  • 3 ball juggling
  • Plate spinning
  • Diabolo
  • Hand-held stilt walking

With longer sessions many students show great ability and so we fastrack them to more complex skills like juggling clubs and hand-free stilt walking.

We can also provide sessions for smaller number of students, with skills like unicycling or tight-wire walking which require more one to one time per pupil. These sessions work well as a treat for talented and gifted students or a reward for good effort and hard work!

Circus skills in older children and young adults can become a passion for life and we at Magical Circus love to see that!

Ideal numbers of participants for a constructive circus workshop session.

It is extremely important for us to be able to observe, correct and guide each pupil individually while they are trying to learn a new circus skill. We therefore cater for 30 pupils per session, dividing them into two groups, 15 pupils per instructor and in this way we can focus better on guiding them all to success.

For schools for special needs children / young adults and children / young adults with learning difficulties we recommend smaller groups. However, for mainstream schools with special needs children / young adults and children / young adults with learning difficulties, supporting staff within the workshop session is adequate and will not affect the numbers catered for.

We can cater for slightly more than 30 pupils per session for structured workshops in large schools, so please do not hesitate to contact us with details.

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