Melanie and Angelo

A little history of who we are.

Melanie and Angelo are professional children's entertainers and instructors. They have been working together in England since 2000 providing traditional circus oriented entertainment and training to children and adults alike.
They met while working in 'Circus Fiesta' in Brazil in 1997, and moved on together to 'Circus Tihany', one of the largest and most famous Circus in Latin America. At the time Melanie was a dancer and Angelo the head of the magic department. In their spare time they put together their own acts which was the start of their new adventure that would lead them to running their own business in the future.

Melanie has a Degree in Performance Arts from Middlesex University and she specialized in costume and set design, choreography and teaching and has performed in shows in Europe, the Far East and South America.

In 1997 she had the opportunity to go back to Sudamerica, this time Sao Paulo, Brazil, she had already been to Ecuador, Colombia and Perú with circus Tihany; the most famous circus in Sudamerica with Las Vegas style show. This time she was refered to a popular circus called Fiesta. There she met Angelo the day he was leaving to work as a ring master onto another circus in Rio Grande Do Sul along his family. Only after three months later they manage to be reunited with each other and they were happy togheter until the year 2000 when they got married; and they became even happier!

Angelo has a family circus background that spans 4 generations, the Milla family is a very familiar name amongts sudamerican circuses. Even though he was raised in the city and did studied computer programming the circus atraction was so great that he joined the circus at the age of 16 for one year. After coming back home and finishing his studies he was offer a position as a flying trapeze catcher so at the age of 22 he realized that the circus was his place and he joined Circus D'Roma in Brazil where part of his trapeze family was working at the time. He has toured Bolivia, Chile and the inmense and beautiful Brazil, from Rio Grande Do Sul to Manaus performing on stage alongside family members and back stage to gain a vast experience in the running of shows which includes creation, design, building and repairing of props and equipment.

In 2003 they went back to study to Wirral Metropolitan college where they both studied and achieved their Theatrical and Media Make-up Diploma (V.T.C.T. 348283). At the end of their course they where appointed by their tutor, Mrs Michelle Harding, towards freelance make-up workshops which they really enjoyed and have now been fully incorporated to to their collection of skills.

The material that they continually create is original and based on their combined imaginations and physical expertise. Together they constantly strive to create new material for all to enjoy. But above all, the most important thing about what they do is that they love it.

For your complete peace of mind all of Melanie and Angelo's performances are covered by a Public Liability Insurance with The Royal & Sun Alliance, with an indemnity limit of £5,000,000. They provide Risk Assessments on all their services and activities, are First Aiders and have both been police checked. They only use professional equipment, props and products and the strictest code of hygiene.

Thanks for visiting us and we hope to meet you Real Soon!

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